What’s your brand hex code?

In the past, Hex codes were seen as complicated coding, only used by web developers and tech-savvy people. Now, it is more commonly known and used, thanks to DIY design apps like Canva.

But what is a HEX CODE?

The hex code is a system used to define colours for digital use. It starts with a hashtag #, followed by a combination of 6 numbers and letters; for example the Lib Creative blue is #123C8A.

Do you know the hex code of your brand colour/s? 

If you are one of my lucky branding clients, you would have recieved a complete style guide which lists the different branding colour values as CMYK, RGB and Hex Codes.

Canva also makes it easy to discover hex codes. When you place any image onto your canvas, Canva automatically samples the colours of that image. Then you can choose from those colours anytime you add a new element. Hover over the colour, and the hex code will appear.

Write it down, and make sure you use the same/correct colour everytime for consistency!

It also has the function of saving your branding colours to your colour pallette section (as pictured below).

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