What is a logo worth?

With so many options out there for a business logo design, it can be confusing what you should expect to pay and what you should expect to get in return.

Let’s start at the FREE or very CHEAP options you can find online. You could design your own in Canva for free, or find a free logo maker. Fiver has designers willing to send you something from $5! And there are other sites offering designs very cheaply. It is like gambling, sometimes you might get lucky.


  • It’s a cheap/free option – ideal if you have no budget
  • It’s fast if you are in a rush to get something out there


  • The final product is not professional and may deter potential customers from using your business
  • Not unique. Templates and free logo generators are used by lots of people and are not unique. Cheap designers will likely reuse the design for other clients.

So what is the advantage of investing $1200 for a branding development package with Lib Creative?

Using a professional ensures the highest quality standards and services. The finished product will be unique to you and perfectly aligned with your businesses values and communicate the right message to potential customers/clients. This is more than just a logo. I take the time, I care about your business as much as you do. 

To hear more about what a logo is worth and what Lib Creative can offer your business, you can watch below to hear me speak about what I am most passionate about, which is discovering your unique brand!