Updating your brand

Sometimes when a logo has been around a while, you grow attached to it, despite knowing that it is now out-dated and not working for your business.

EnviroAg Services loved their old logo but it used a low res clipart image of a rosella and the font was very outdated. 

When I approached this rebranding, I knew I had to stay true to the original colours and imagery but was keen to create something more clear and modern that would present the company more professionally and help them reach their goal of expanding the business.

The new logo uses a similar blue and beige colour scheme so that it is still recognisably similar to the original. I also created an original rosella in Illustrator which is now high res and scalable, (something the old image was not).

As the rosella is a complex multi-coloured design, I created an alternate variation using the silhouette of the bird. This can be used for such things as embroidered branded work clothes/hats where the full colour rosella would not be suitable.

I love the final product of this awesome logo makeover and more importantly so does the client.

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