Flyers! Get Noticed!

Print is not dead! In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to stand out in a predominately digital world. But you have to do it right. 

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    Top 3 mistakes people make with flyers are;

    • DIY done poorly: Trying to do it yourself and creating something with mistakes or that looks amateur will not convert to sales or effective brand recognition.
    • Making flyers but having nowhere to use them: I have done this myself and spend hundreds of dollars printing flyers that just sit in my car and I forgot to plan how I was going to use and distribute them effectively
    • Crappy printing: If you are going to get flyers done professionally, then print good quality as well! Invest in a slightly thicker stock. Make sure the quality is good. Printing at home might save money but won’t be worth it in the end if it doesn’t look good.
    My Bella Life Exhibition Flyer design by Lib Creative and Photography by Esh Photography
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