Online Workshop

Canva Basics in Design for Small Businesses

Learn design rules & tips for creating effective branding graphics in Canva.

  • Basic intro into Canva
  • Finding your brand colours and fonts
  • Learn colour, font and layout rules to avoid common design mistakes
  • Creating personalised branded templates
  • File formats explained and exporting correctly

Group Workshops

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for my next workshop, or organise your own group, get in touch!

Workshop costs $140 and includes;

  • 4 x 1 hour interactive classes via Zoom (and on replay in private Facebook Group)
  • 10 page course workbook
  • Help to create your own ready-made templates (branded for your business) to use on your social media or website.
  • The skills and knowledge to ensure you will be able to create more professional and consistent designs for your business – and in turn avoid making those common DIY design mistakes that compromise the success of your branding.

This course was really useful – it took me back to some basics that I hadn’t been incorporating into my social media and newsletters – and its those little things that when done well can make the best impact on your clients.


I learnt so much doing Lib Creative’s online course. I now understand how to keep my social media designs simple & engaging and I’m no longer afraid of Canva! Lib’s course was perfect for beginners like me or people who just need a bit of extra help.




Do you have to know how to use Canva to attend?
No. Canva will be used to illustrate the lessons. But it is not a ‘how to use canva course’. If you are already a Canva wizz, you will still get a massive amount out of the lessons. If you have no idea about Canva, there will be basic teachings to help you use the app!

What if I cannot make it to the zoom?
That’s fine! It is beneficial if you can attend the Zoom to ask questions and get prompt help, but if you miss any of the sessions they will be recorded and you can catchup in your own time and ask questions in the Facebook group for help.

I am not sure where I need to improve, will you be customising the sessions?
I will be ensuring that every participant will get a personalised audit of their online graphics – to learn where you are making mistakes or where you are doing ok! It is so good to learn from our mistakes, and we will never make them again once we know!

I never have time to implement what I learn in online courses, will this be worth doing?
Yes! We will get things done during the session, so you don’t have to spend any extra time on it that you don’t have. (You only need 1 hour out of the week). And you will walk away with new design knowledge which will ensure that ANYTHING you create in the future is going to look 10x better. You will also have your own Canva templates ready to go and use by the end of the course, making life quicker and easier for you!

Queanbeyan, NSW

+61 409 909 198