Design & Photography Tutoring and Training

Branding Audit $20.21 for 2021

Help and feedback on all your DIY designs.
Improve the professionalism and consistency of your branding.

Canva Help!

Learn to create personalised branded graphics for your business, using Canva.

1-2-1 Training over Zoom : $100 per hour

Group Sessions also available

Other Training available:

  • Basic Photography – iPhoneography (light & composition), DSLR basics (learn to shoot in manual)
  • Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Lightroom – basic processing of RAW images,
  • Adobe Photoshop – high end digital processing and retouching using Photoshop

$100 per hour

(minimum 2 hours for in person sessions, discount available for 4 hours+)

Payment plans available

Queanbeyan, NSW

+61 409 909 198