Canberra Marketplace Branding

I love working with ambitious women, who are Queen’s of multi-tasking and never stop. And that perfectly sums up Diana who I met through her business, Growing Vegetables Down Under, and now has a new venture – Canberra Marketplace. The idea for the marketplace came to her in the shower one day… she wanted to buy gifts locally, but being in lockdown made that difficult. So she thought, why not create her own local online marketplace for people to find unique local treasures!?

Diana is one of these people who just jumps in and does everything herself, however she was struggling to make her new venture look pretty and professional. Which is where I stepped in. Diana needed professional branding, that still looked attractive and fun, and she wanted to use her favourite colour green! 

I created a simple text only logo, as well as a few accompanying elements, like a banner and market awning, to use for social media designs etc. It is great to see Diana has utilised all these elements beautifully in all her social media posts and in turn is accumulating lots of new followers, sellers and buyers!

I am so proud to be a part of this great new venture and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Canberra Marketplace!